Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

DSCN1617 DSCN1616 We made it to the entrance to the Tonto Natural Bridge park at 4:30 pm and they had already closed entry into the park. The park hours are 9 am- 5 pm for winter hours.  However you can’t enter after 4pm.  So we stopped to take the pictures we needed for our HOG state park challenge and headed to Overgaard for the night.  As it turned out we were able to see some wildlife.  We got up the next morning and Minnie spotted some elk walk along the road and then cut across part of the cabin property.  There were about six or seven.  Then on the way back to Tonto Natural Bridge, still on the rim, we spotted two small herds of deer along the road.  Then as we were leaving the park coming up the hill we came across a lone deer that ran up a steep bank to get away from us.  So having to make the trip back to see the park was a plus for us.  And we were able to take our time visiting the park.  They tell you that the trail down is steep and there is some loose gravel.  I was concerned about Minnie making it to the bottom with her knees but she did it.  If we had been able to get into the park the day before, we would have been rushed to be able to see what we did.  It takes about a half hour to get to the bottom and depending on the kind of shape you are in a little longer to hike up.

The pictures above I took on my phone and the pictures below are the pictures that Minnie took with her camera.  Some of the pictures she took while on the bike and some while walking around the park.

Larry and Ella let us have use of their cabin for a few days.  Because we had a free place to stay  we were able to visit three more state parks and my  son Steve and my grandson Steve, Steve Sr.’s fiancee Kristy and her daughter Kymberly.  Larry and Ella came up the last night we were there and we went out to eat  and had a very nice visit.  Thank you Larry and Ella.

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