When I had modifications done on the trike when we bought it, I was looking to make the engine not put out so much heat. I was reading about what I thought we would like to buy and I kept reading about the engine putting out so much heat.  And I read that there were things one could do to get rid of some of that heat. When Harley makes and delivers a bike, it meets all of EPA’s requirements. It runs lean, has a catalytic converter in the headers and other requirements I’m not sure of all of them.

But the air flow through the engine and the catalytic converter are two of the biggest.  Running a lean engine runs hotter and the catalytic converters get hot and hold the heat in the headers, which are by your leg. And I wanted to get the old Harley exhaust sound I knew from years ago. I have not had a motorcycle since the 1970’s and I like the deep sound of the exhaust of the old Harley’s. So, we paid the extra money to get the trike to sound the way I thought it should sound and get a little more horse power to boot. Arizona did away with requiring motorcycles to have emission testing  a year or two before we bought ours. Since there was not going to be any testing we could change out the headers for cat-less headers and that would enable us to open the air flow through the engine.  We installed a high flow air filter, changed out the headers and added Hines power duels with 4” Rinehart slip-on exhaust. We needed to buy a tuner to tune the engine because the on-board computer is limited on how much it can change the air-flow mixture. We also paid for 4 hours of dyno time, to get it tuned just right, after we broke in the engine after 1000 miles.

We did all of that but it didn’t run like I thought it should. Part of the problem was our compensator. I explained about that in my 25,000-service report.

I have been reading some forums on Harley’s and in particular Harley Tri-Glide’s. One of the things I didn’t know was that an engine needs a certain amount of back pressure to run right. So, when you open the air flow you can gain high end horse power but lose low end torque, and your exhaust is louder. I didn’t mind the low-end torque that much but really didn’t like the loud exhaust. In some of the forums I read about Thunder Torque Insert. Some people call them Lollypops. What they are supposed to do is get you back some low-end torque and it can tune down the exhaust a little.

I installed the Thunder Torque Inserts without too much trouble. I’m not sure I got the right size. I got the size that was recommended by the seller. They are supposed to fit in the baffle and be centered. Mine are not. The bolt is a little short to get it centered. It only took a few hours to finish the job. I have a picture of what it looks like.

After installing we went on a HOG breakfast ride and I was telling some of the guys about what I did and I was telling them that it does feel like I have little more torque taking off, but I didn’t know about the exhaust sound. One the guys on the breakfast was on the day ride we had a week earlier and he was riding behind me and said that my exhaust was loud. He agreed to ride behind me again and let me know if it sounded any better. When we got to the restaurant he said it was quieter. And one of my neighbors said the trike had a deeper sound.

So, mission accomplished.







I got these from Custom DK Products. Here is a their website that explains this product.


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