What’s New – Replaced Air Shocks

  Looking for a better ride Major change coming to the trike before we head out on our 2018 summer ride to the East coast. Minnie and I have not been happy with the rough ride of our trike. The stock air ride shock is a pain, literally. Because Minnie sits over the axle she... Continue Reading →


Dressing up the back-end of the Trike I’m trying to make the trike as visible as I can for both day and night. So, I ordered a pair of mud flaps from DK Custom Products. I was looking to dress up the trike with a set of Kuryakyn mud flaps, but I never got around... Continue Reading →


When I had modifications done on the trike when we bought it, I was looking to make the engine not put out so much heat. I was reading about what I thought we would like to buy and I kept reading about the engine putting out so much heat.  And I read that there were... Continue Reading →


Clicking Noise I have a clicking noise that I hear when I get on the throttle, that is annoying to me. But first a little history.  When we first bought the trike, I was not wearing my hearing aids that I have had for a few years. I did not like the way they were... Continue Reading →

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