Replacing The Amber Bullet Turn Signals and Reprogramming Daymaker lights

Bullet Turn Signal Upgrade

All motorcycle riders are concerned about visibility.  Some riders use loud pipes to let others know that they are nearby, some use lights and others use a combination of the lights and noise. On our trike, we us the combination of lights and noise. The noise comes from 4” Reinhart slip-ons and the lights are the day maker led lights and running lights that are stock. We did two things to improve our visibility. The OME turning signals are the old standard bulb with an amber cover. We replaced those with an LED light kit and smoked lenses from Harley Davidson. The total cost for parts was about $110.00 and we did the installation ourselves. The LED turn signal light has a white ring that comes on when the running lights come on, and when the turn signal turns off the white ring of LED lights turn off and amber LED lights turn on, this is the reason they recommend replacing the amber lens with a smoked lens.

Reprogram Daymaker Headlights

Our trike came with running lights as part of the Daymaker light package. But for some reason Harley does not have the running light stay on all the time. When you turn the bright light on the running lights turn off. From our experience, when the Daymaker light was on high it projected a light for distance visibility but not for close visibility. So, I wanted the running light on all the time. I discovered, on one of the motorcycle forums, that Harley can program them to stay on, but you need to take your motorcycle to a dealership to get it done. So, for our 25,000 mile service I had them program my running lights to stay on when the high beam is turned on. We have not made any night rides since having the Daymaker lights








This is the original turn signal, with the running light on









This is what the LED white ring looks like with the running light on.









This is what the turn signal looks like when it’s on.









This is what it looked like with the head light and the running lights on. The bullet light on the left is the new LED and the light on the right is the old bulb turn signal. You can see how it adds a little more visibility even in daylight.

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