What’s New – Replaced Air Shocks


Looking for a better ride

Major change coming to the trike before we head out on our 2018 summer ride to the East coast. Minnie and I have not been happy with the rough ride of our trike. The stock air ride shock is a pain, literally. Because Minnie sits over the axle she gets the worst of hitting a bump. We ordered a set of Pro-Action / DK Custom 14″ Harley Trike Series Shocks, from www.dkcustomproducts.com/. Stock shocks are 13” which give you an extra 1” of travel, to keep from bottoming out.


Here is a link with more information about the shocks.  http://www.dkcustomproducts.com/pro-action-dk-custom-14-harley-trike-series-shockstm.htm

These Pro-Action shocks were  developed for DK Custom with the help of Kevin one of the owners of DK Products. Kevin and his wife ride a trike on some long trips. Kevin wanted to improve the ride so, DK Custom worked with Pro-Action Shocks to develop this 14” shock. The reviews have been good. Delivery of our shocks should be here by March 22, 2018. Looking forward to getting the new shocks installed and testing them out and giving a review of them here.



First ride on new shocks

First ride on the new Pro-Action shocks was   230 mile ride to the Tonto National Monument. I could defiantly feel the difference, Minnie not so much. Shocks come adjusted to the information you give them when ordering the shocks. I was able to install the Pro- Action shocks myself. I did run into a few problems installing the shock but that was because I was rushed for time to get them installed. Shocks were delivered Thursday afternoon, I started installation on Friday after lunch.

Taking the existing air shocks was not a problem. but the installation of the new shocks somewhat of an issue  because I started installing the left side, that’s the side with the parking brake. If I would have taken the time to see that removing the parking brake was not a big deal the installation would have gone a lot smother. I was in a hurry because we were going on a ride first thing Saturday morning.

There is still some feel to the road  and the ride is not as soft as I was hoping for. The shocks are adjustable so I can experiment to see if I can find the sweet spot for us. Need to get a few more rides in before I start tinkering with the shocks.

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