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2018 Summer Ride, Day 84, July 29, Sun

Planned destination We had planned to go to a lighthouse, that’s not far from the motel and then return to the motel to watch the NASCAR race. More Problems Trike wouldn’t start this morning, battery is dead. The trike had… Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 83, July 28, Sat

Planned destination  Portland, Me Planned Stops Augusta Maine State House, Big Moose Harley-Davidson Ride Conditions Started out with overcast skies and riding jackets on. Road was dry after the rain last night. You can see the overcast in the covered… Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 82, July 27, Fri

Planned destination Our plan for the day was to go to Moosehead Lake and follow one of the scenic routes listed in the HOG book. Planned Stops No planned stops. Just ride along and stop if we see anything worth… Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 81, July 26, Thr

Planned destination Bangor, ME Days Inn Planned Stops No Planned stops for today. Ride Conditions Not good, we were in rain for about 3 and a half hours. Roads were very wet. The Morning Wait We noticed it had rained… Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 80, July 25, Wed

Planned destination Edmundston, NB Planned Stops To start the day Minnie only had three stops, for sure, that she wanted to see. A light house, a big fish and go to the Harley Davidson dealership, in Rimouski, QC, to get… Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 79, July 24, Tue

Planned destination We had no planned stops but Minnie did have a planned route that she wanted us to take. Ride Conditions This was one of our better days for riding in a while. It was a partly cloudy day…. Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 78, July 78, Mon

Planned destination Moncton, NB Ride Conditions Temps were a lot warmer, as we left the motel 23C, and by the time we stopped for the night, temps were up to 30C. In the afternoon we also got some heavy winds…. Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 77, July 77, Sun

Planned destination We just planned to go to Isle Madame and then ride around along part of Bras d’Or Lake. Planned Stops Minnie wanted us to stop at St. Peters Canal National Historic Site. Ride Conditions When we got up… Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 76, July 21, Sat

Planned destination Port Hastings, on the Cape Breton Island Planned Stops No planned stops for today. Ride Conditions This was a lousy day to be riding a motorcycle or a trike. We started out with a light rain and it… Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 75, July 20, Fri

Planned destination Dartmouth NS  Best Western Plus. Planned Stops Cape Enrage and Hope Well Cape The Ride Great riding weather today, lots of sunshine and mild weather. Traffic was light until we got close to Dartmouth, NS. Stops Cape Enrage Lighthouse… Continue Reading →

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