Our First Ride for 2017

We met at the dealership at 7:30am and KU at 8:00am.  It was a cool morning at 54 degrees when we left the house. We were headed to the Henhouse 3244 Guadalupe St. 110 Gilbert, AZ 85234.  We had a great turn out, 13 bikes with three bikes riding 2up. We split up into two groups for the ride over.  We heard that the day before there was a two-hour wait to get into the place.   Someone called to give them heads up that we were coming and about what our arrival time would be.  The ride over was a nice ride, we were layered up so not too cold.  It’s only a 20-mile ride one-way.  When we got there, they had a room set up for us and we went right in, no waiting. The food was really good. Here is a link to their menu

When we left to come home the trike info-center said it was 50 degrees. The sun had come out but the ride home was cooler.

Here are some pictures of our group.  We had a great time and Minnie and I were able meet with a new couple and we enjoyed visiting with Suzanne, James and Scott.

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