Dec. 31, 2016

Phil’s Filling Station

We met at the dealership for the Director’s Last Ride of 2016. It was a breakfast ride to Phil’s Filling Station in Fountain Hills, AZ.  Arrived at  8:30 am and KU at 9:00 am.  We had a great turn out.  There were 24 bikes with three riding two up.  We left  the dealership in three groups of eight bikes each.  We took the long scenic route to Fountain Hills.  We got off the 202 at University and took it to Ellsworth, and Ellsworth on to Usury Pass Rd. to the Bush Highway, past Saguaro Lake, to Beeline Highway, and then back to Fountain Hills and on to Phil’s Filling Station. It took 60 miles to get there.  The weather was a little cool but not too bad. Bike info system said it was 56 degrees, and it was threatening rain but we didn’t get rained on.  The scenery was great with some low hanging clouds on the tops of the mountains.  In some spots it must have just rained, because the road was pretty wet.

Minnie got some pretty nice pictures of the riders and the scenery.


Lydia posted some pictures that she took at Phil’s Filling Station and I’m posting them here.


Minnie and I have had a great time hanging out with this bunch.  We have had some nice rides with them in 2016 and we are looking forward to riding with them in 2017.  Happy New Year to all and looking forward to 2017.

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