Day 112 Tue Sep 20 Albuquerque, NM

Before leaving Shamrock, NM we visited some sights in town.  One was the U Drop Inn, not to be confused with the Dew Drop Inn that is in the Charlie Daniel’s Uneasy Rider. U Drop Inn is a café and gas station on Route 66. It’s been restored and has some interesting history.  Then we stopped at another old gas station, the Magnolia.  You could not go into it though.  Then we went to the former Reynolds Hotel and took a tour of it with a couple from Scotland.  It was a very interesting, they have a lot of antiques and they have part of the Blarney Stone there.  As we were leaving, a couple from Australia showed up.  A very international city.

We then stopped at the Amarillo Harley Dealership for Minnie’s poker ship.  Some dealerships when you walk in seem very friendly, this dealership was not one of them.  We just got her chip and left.

We are traveling on the interstate from here to Flagstaff.  And we can still see some nice scenery along the way, it just goes by faster.  Weather was comfortable and we are planning on stopping at some friends from Chandler, AZ that have been living in Albuquerque for a while, Tom and Paula.  We were friends with Tom’s mom and dad and I rented space from Tom’s dad for my welding business.  We did stop at Clines Corner to meet up with Bill and Wanda to visit, as they are going to where we came from in Wisconsin.  So we thought we would stop and say hi and have a snack and something to drink.

We were driving by the Harley Dealership as we were heading to Tom and Paula’s house.  They both work so no need getting there too early.  This dealership seemed a lot friendlier.  When we did get to their house Paula was home and Tom came home shortly thereafter.  We visited for a while and they showed us their house, which we had not seen before.  It is a really nice house.  They have had it for about eight years and they have it fixed up nice.  Tom is good with electronics and they have a lot of nice gadgets.  Their entertainment room is really nice; it is a kind of old diner theme.  They did a nice job setting it up.  We went out to eat at a Greek, Mexican, Italian restaurant.  After dinner we looked at some of the pictures on our blog that Tom was able to put up on their TV screen.  They didn’t know about the Blog.  We probably stayed up a little longer then we should because they still have to get up for work.  Paula made us a real nice breakfast to send us on our way, thank you Paula and Tom for being such great hosts to us.

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