Day 111 Sep 19 Shamrock

We left the Meeker and Shawnee area heading back up to Route 66.  We were able to stop at some interesting places.  Minnie wanted to get some specific pictures of buildings and murals, which we did.  Minnie read up on some of the sights and made a list.  Some of them are easier to spot depending on the direction you are traveling.  So she was always looking over her shoulder to spot them.  I think we got all or most of what she wanted. Like the Meramec Caverns barn, the single arch truss bridge, the round barn, Pops, the milk bottle building.  Well you can see from the pictures.  We almost drove by the Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum. It’s in an old gas station built by John Seaba in 1921 and changed to a machine shop in the 30’s and was in business until 1994.  It is a cool place to visit.  They have a lot of old motorcycles of all brands.  And around back they have one of the first flush outhouses from the 1920’s.  It’s in pretty bad shape but you might be able to make out that lifting up the seat flushes the toilet, also notice the windows.  They have a John Deer bicycle with an oil burning light on the front wheel axle.  The museum is located 7 miles West of Chandler in Warwick.

Some of the roads were hard to follow, especially in Oklahoma City.  It was good that we were riding two up so Minnie could help find the turns.  It would have been a lot better if Minnie’s mike on her Sena 20s headset had not quit working.  Oklahoma has the most driveable parts of route 66 and they have better information that you can find about route 66 going through Oklahoma.  When we left El Reno we ended up on the I-40.  You have to get off the interstate to see if the town has preserved parts of the old route.

It got pretty warm today and we didn’t stay hydrated very well and Minnie really got over heated.  We had planned on spending the night in Amarillo but stopped for the night short of that, to cool down and rest up.  We are at a Best Western in Shamrock, TX.  There is some of route 66 in town.  We will check it out on our way out tomorrow.  One of the places is the U-Drop Inn, I always thought it was the Dew Drop Inn. I don’t know if they are the same or not.  We will find out tomorrow.  We will also do a better job of drinking water tomorrow.

Here are some of our pics for today.

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