Day 110 Sun Sep 18 Meeker 2

This morning we went to church with my cousin Billie and Leon.  They go to a small church but it is a very nice church.  I was impressed by the number of people attending and the quality of the church.  It is a fairly new church building, the furnishings and fixtures express that.  It might be a small church but it seems to be a very tight group, at least from what we saw from one visit. After church we went out to eat with Billie’s son Greg, his wife Julie, and their grandson Tucker and another couple.  After lunch we went to Billie’s house until we had to leave to go to a dinner at one of the church member’s house. We really felt welcomed at their church and they made us feel like one of them.  Minnie was impressed with the way they decorated their ladies’ restroom, she took a picture to share.

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