Day 109 Sat Sep 17 Meeker 1

Terry fixed us a great breakfast to send us on our way.  We got the TG loaded and we took a few pictures to remember each other and then we were on our Route 66 trip.  We are going as far as Chandler, OK and then we are heading South to Meeker, OK to meet up with my cousin Billie and her husband Leon to say hi and visit with her for a couple of days. Then we will head back to Chandler, OK and continue our trip home on Route 66 as much as we can.

On our way to Meeker we did get to see some interesting things along the way.  We saw some old restored cars traveling on Route 66.  We saw streets of brick, buildings with murals painted on them.  We stopped at a museum and an old gas station in Davenport, OK. We ate at the Rock Café in Stroud, OK. Very interesting place and biker friendly.  We stopped for gas and there was a couple riding an Indian motorcycle.  It had soft saddlebags on it and I started talking to them.  They are from Spain and they said they flew into Chicago and rented the bike to ride “Route 66 complete”.  They were doing some maintenance on their head sets and I saw her point to us when we pulled up to the pump.  I found out later that she was telling him that ours would have been better.  They were planning on going to L.A. and then to San Diego. They didn’t have much room for “stuff”, and her seat didn’t look that comfortable to me.

We made it to Meeker, OK and we visited for a while before Billie and Leon took us out for dinner back to Davenport to an all you can eat Bar-B-Que restaurant, it was pretty good.  While we were in the restaurant it started raining.  They haven’t had much rain here in this part of Oklahoma, but by the time we got back to Billie’s place the rain had stopped and we were able to drive the TG back to the motel without getting wet.

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