Day 108 Fri Sep 16 Broken Arrow 2

We Spent the morning visiting with Terry, Mike had to go to work and he left before Minnie and I got up.  So we spent the day visiting with Terry talking about old times and new times.  Terry just retired a few months ago.  She is doing a good job of adjusting to retirement.  Minnie and Terry went for a walk while I worked on the computer.  When Mike got home we went out to eat at a Bar-B-Que place called The Rib Crib.  It was a very good meal.  Oklahoma has some really good Bar-B-Que places.  As we were in the restaurant eating we got a little rain storm but it cleared out by the time we were done eating.  We weren’t far from the Broken Arrow Harley Dealership so we stopped in so Minnie could get another poker chip from Broken Arrow, OK. It has 66 on the chip, plus she bought another t-shirt that has Route 66 on it. Then we went back to the house and I gave Terry a ride on the TG.  At her retirement party her co-workers each wrote something she needed to do and put it in a bucket.  And one of the bucket list items was to ride on a Harley motorcycle, so she can scratch that off her bucket list.

We had wanted to try to ride route 66 and we were going to pick it up after leaving Joliet.  But we changed our plans when we went back to Richland Center.  And I was having problems trying to find out what was left of Route 66 that we could still ride.  I was having problems finding a map that would show me the route.  I could find bits and pieces of the road, and that is all that is really there.  Come to find out Terry and Mike have some information on the Oklahoma part of route 66.  In fact Oklahoma has the longest stretch of Route 66. And Mike and Terry helped us plan our route. So tomorrow we plan on picking up Route 66 at Sapulpa, OK and head West from there.  Not sure how much of it we can actually ride, we will find out tomorrow.

Terry and Mike have a game room for the kids that is the Wizard of OZ theme and we included some pictures of that room

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