Day 107 Thu Sep 15 Broken Arrow 1

We left St. Joseph in a fog after having, what I consider, was the worst continental  breakfast of the trip.  The fog did not lift until we got to Topeka, KS.  We left St. Joseph about 8 am and we got to Topeka at about 10 am.  We stopped at the Historic Harley-Davidson to pick up Minnie’s poker chip.  We met a real nice couple as we were gearing up, they were coming in to look at a Tri-Glide.  They both ride and both have bikes and they were thinking of going with three wheels and wanted to know how we enjoyed ours.  She is 72 and he is 85. We had a nice visit before heading out.  Since the skies were clearing up it started getting warmer and we started removing some of our layered riding gear.

Our next stop was at the Bartlesville, OK Harley-Dealership for Minnie’s poker chip, before heading to our next destination for the night, Broken Arrow, OK.  We still had our GPS set for scenic route.  The route is US 75 which is a pretty straight shot but the scenic route did kick us on to the  old 75 which was nice.  US 75 is two lanes most of the way with cross traffic.  The sun was shining and we were making good time until we got close to Broken Arrow.  As we were getting close it looked like it was raining in Tulsa, OK which is close to Broken Arrow.  We decided not to put on our rain gear but to put the rain covers on our suitcase on the tour pack.  We started to get sprinkled on when the GPS kicked us off US 75 and took us out of the area where it was raining. But unfortunately it took us through some road construction area that the GPS didn’t know was going on and it got a little confusing to not be able to turn on a road that was blocked.  We ended up going quite a bit out of our way before the GPS was able to get us back on track.  We were able to make it to Terry and Mike’s house before it started to rain.

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