Day 106 Wed Sep 14 St. Joseph, MO

We looked at the weather radar and it was showing rain for Wed, Thu and Fri. So we thought we would be needing our rain gear. But after getting up and looking out the window, it looked pretty clear.  Got a message from Sandy Myren about a must see place not far from where we are staying, so we thought we would have a look. It’s the Seven Amana Colonies and it is a really neat place to visit no doubt but it cost us over $200 extra before we got out of there.  Thanks Sandy for telling us were to go. LOL.  I think we were a little off-season because some of the shops were closed, plus it was the middle of the week, they might be busier on weekends.  Anyway, the stores that were open, we had a fun going thru them.  My brother might like this place, they have all kinds of things German. Minnie and I took a lot of pictures.  It would be fun to come and stay at one of the lodges or B&B’s and spend a couple of days going thru all the different shops.

Here are some of Minnie’s Amana pics.


Here are some Pics I took also.  Some are of the inside of a bakery and a general Store.  I thought my brother would like them.


Like I said earlier the weather was great when we were there at about noon.  But as we traveled the clouds were getting thick and dark and it started cooling off some.  I thought we might have to put on our rain gear but we didn’t and we just drove past it.  It was still partly cloudy with some sun shining thru.  We stopped at the St. Joseph Haley Davidson in MO for Minnie’s poker chip.  We got there just before closing time.  We got a room at an old Days Inn,  Minnie made the reservations over the phone.  Room doesn’t look like the one they show online.  It’s not too bad just an old motel. Looking at the weather maps that we looked at yesterday, it shows rain where we want to go.  I guess we will see tomorrow if it’s right or not, we are hoping not.

Here are some of Minnie’s traveling pics.

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  1. Hi John and Minnie – i was just in the Amana Colonies a few weeks ago. Was visiting Mackenzie, Simon and the kids in Iowa City where they rented a little house for their vacation, and Simon ran a half marathon in the Amana Colonies. We strolled around the shops afterwards. Looks as if you’re on the home stretch. Best Regards,

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