Day 105 Tue Sep 13 Cedar Rapids, IA

Yesterday we drove up from Joliet in beautiful weather.  Got to Barb’s and the sun was still shinning, so I washed the TG to get some of the road grime off her and shine her up a bit.  During the night I get woken up with thunder and a terrific rain storm.  I think "well... Continue Reading →

Day 104 Mon Sep 12 Richland Center

Leaving Joliet, the sun was shining, the weather was a little cool, it was a great day to be riding the TG.  We were heading back up to Richland Center to say goodbye to Annetta.  The viewing starts at 4 PM and we left Joliet 9 AM so we figured we had plenty of time. ... Continue Reading →

Day 103 Sun Sep 11 Joliet Day 2

Today was a great sunny day, a little cool for us. but not cold.  We all met at Bob Evans for breakfast.  Minnie and I like going to Bob Evans, they have great food.  We visited over breakfast for a little over an hour before we broke up.  Some of the party had places they... Continue Reading →

Day 102 Sat Sep 10 Joliet Day 1

Left home base with our rain gear on.  We did get some rain until we got to Beloit, WI.  We went to Glenn and Dianne’s house before going out for lunch at a restaurant along the Rock River.  Our lunch mates were Glenn, Dianne, Donna, Bill, Nate and Mindy.  We had a nice visit in... Continue Reading →

Day 100/101 Sep 8,9 RC County Fair

Thursday was a pretty slow day for us.  All the rain they have been having around here has put a dampener on wanting to get out in it.  We had planned on Thursday and Friday being county fair days.  Minnie has not been to a county fair in a long time so she wanted to... Continue Reading →

Day 99 Wed Sep 7 Mauston

Yesterday it was looking like rain and the weatherman said we might be getting some heavy rain, and last night we got rain. And boy did we get rain.  Ernie checked the rain gauge this morning and it was full, 5 inches of rain last night and still raining.  We are scheduled for our 20,000-mile... Continue Reading →

Day 98 Sep 6 Boaz – Cherry Pie

Today we are headed to Boaz to get a piece of cherry pie. At the last get together when we were here in Boaz,  I was asked if I wanted a piece of pie and I said no because nobody made a cherry pie.  So Miriam said if I come back Tuesday she would bake... Continue Reading →

Day 97 Mon Sep 5 Bear Valley Cleanup/

Today is cleanup day.  And it starts with the breakfast.  Everything that was left over from the meals before is part of the breakfast. Before the final push to clean up they have a Clary family business meeting.  They discuss all sorts of things. They have a secretary’s report, a treasurer’s report, they talk about... Continue Reading →

Day 96 Sun Sep 4 Bear Valley – Hay Ride/Apple Orchard

I helped Gene grill some chicken for tonight’s supper.  We grilled them to about three-quarters done then put them in a roaster for the rest of the cooking.  Kids played games and rode the wiggle boards.  Yesterday they set up Olympic games for the kids and the medals were made with Oreo cookies.  Even two-year... Continue Reading →

Day 95 Sat Sep 3 Bear Valley Day 1 Camp out

First day of the Clary camp-out, the campfire was still burning when we got there. We had a good breakfast to start the day.  More people are arriving and setting up their tents, tent trailers, travel trailers and motor homes. They are setting up games for the kids to play.  Brad and Rhonda did a... Continue Reading →

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