As Minnie and I traveled the country last summer (2016) we noticed a lot of American flags flying in yards and on front porches. I was impressed with the patriotism we saw as we traveled. We also noticed a lot of veteran memorials in small towns. And one of the stand outs was the Veteran’s... Continue Reading →

Day 114 Home

In the morning both Karen and Don fixed us breakfast before we suited up and got ready to go.   They did a great job  of showing us a great time, thanks Don and Karen, we enjoyed the visit.  I was going to just take the interstate home but Don suggested we take stay off the... Continue Reading →

Day 113 Flagstaff, AZ

Leaving Albuquerque, the weather wasn’t bad, we had been expecting rain, it was cool and we had our chaps on.  At one point Minnie was getting hot so we pulled off onto the ramp so she could take a layer of clothing off, when we saw this couple coming onto the interstate in an old... Continue Reading →

Day 112 Tue Sep 20 Albuquerque, NM

Before leaving Shamrock, NM we visited some sights in town.  One was the U Drop Inn, not to be confused with the Dew Drop Inn that is in the Charlie Daniel’s Uneasy Rider. U Drop Inn is a café and gas station on Route 66. It’s been restored and has some interesting history.  Then we... Continue Reading →

Day 111 Sep 19 Shamrock

We left the Meeker and Shawnee area heading back up to Route 66.  We were able to stop at some interesting places.  Minnie wanted to get some specific pictures of buildings and murals, which we did.  Minnie read up on some of the sights and made a list.  Some of them are easier to spot... Continue Reading →

Day 110 Sun Sep 18 Meeker 2

This morning we went to church with my cousin Billie and Leon.  They go to a small church but it is a very nice church.  I was impressed by the number of people attending and the quality of the church.  It is a fairly new church building, the furnishings and fixtures express that.  It might... Continue Reading →

Day 108 Fri Sep 16 Broken Arrow 2

We Spent the morning visiting with Terry, Mike had to go to work and he left before Minnie and I got up.  So we spent the day visiting with Terry talking about old times and new times.  Terry just retired a few months ago.  She is doing a good job of adjusting to retirement.  Minnie... Continue Reading →

Day 109 Sat Sep 17 Meeker 1

Terry fixed us a great breakfast to send us on our way.  We got the TG loaded and we took a few pictures to remember each other and then we were on our Route 66 trip.  We are going as far as Chandler, OK and then we are heading South to Meeker, OK to meet... Continue Reading →

Day 107 Thu Sep 15 Broken Arrow 1

We left St. Joseph in a fog after having, what I consider, was the worst continental  breakfast of the trip.  The fog did not lift until we got to Topeka, KS.  We left St. Joseph about 8 am and we got to Topeka at about 10 am.  We stopped at the Historic Harley-Davidson to pick... Continue Reading →

Day 106 Wed Sep 14 St. Joseph, MO

We looked at the weather radar and it was showing rain for Wed, Thu and Fri. So we thought we would be needing our rain gear. But after getting up and looking out the window, it looked pretty clear.  Got a message from Sandy Myren about a must see place not far from where we... Continue Reading →

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