2018 Summer Ride, Day 123, Sep 6, Thr

Planned destination Chinle, AZ Planned Stops Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site Ride Conditions It was 53 degrees when we got up this morning. We were riding in the mid 60’s to low 70’s. We had storm clouds all around us most of the day. The Ride Today was all interstate riding until we got... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 122, Sep 5, Wed

Planned destination Tucumcari, NM Planned Stops No Planned stops for today. We are trying to get to Northern Arizona as soon as we can, so we can visit some of the National parks. Our HOG chapter has a challenge to see how many of the National Parks, National Monuments and National Memorials you can visit... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 124, Sep 7, Fri

Planned destination Overgrazed, AZ to visit with Minnie’s sister, before heading home. Planned Stops Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Petrified Forest National Park, Concho, AZ. Ride Conditions Starting out the weather was a little cool for us but quickly warmed up. There was a chance of rain and we did ride close to some rain... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 120, Sep 3, Mon

Planned Destination Shawnee, OK Planned Stops We had no planned stops for today, but as we were coming to Pawhuska, OK, Minnie said that we needed to check out something here. My cousin had mentioned a place called the Pioneer Women Mercantile. Ride Conditions We had a light rain during the night, so I needed... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 119, Sep 2, Sun

Planned Destination Ottawa, KS Planned Stops We had no planned stops for today. Ride Conditions Starting out today we had great conditions, especially after have 4” of rain last night. We started off with only our sweatshirts, which means it wasn’t too cold for us. The sun was shinning at 9am and we could see... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 118, Sep 1, Sat

Planned Destination Newton, IA Planned Stops Clary Campout. Ride Conditions Leaving Spears B&B this morning there was a slight drizzle of rain. By the time we got to the campout the rain had stopped. Rain picked up again after leaving the campout. We had no rain after going through Dubuque, IA. Stops Clary Campout The... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride Break from riding

We took a break from riding for about 19 days because Minnie’s mother, age 93, fell and broke her hip. Minnie’s brother brought their mom to Wisconsin to visit this summer and while visiting a niece in Portage, WI she fell and broke her hip and needed surgery. Minnie helped her brother Bert take care... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 97, Aug 11, Sat

Planned Ride Today we are going on a memorial ride for Bob and Josie Dobbs. This will be our second time participating. We didn’t get an exact count, but there were about 63 bikes on the ride with several of the bikes riding two up. There were also about 10 cars following. We had a... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 96, Aug 10, Fri

Planned Destination Spears B&B in Cazenovia, WI Planned Stops One stop for breakfast. Ride Conditions Compared to yesterday this was a great day for a ride. You can see by Minnie’s ride pics that the sky was clear. Stops We stopped to visit with some other relatives of Minnie’s in South Beloit, IL, before heading... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 95, Aug 9, Thr

Planned Destination Beloit, WI Planned Stops Two stops to visit Minnie’s relatives, one in Kenosha, WI and the other in Beloit, WI. Ride Conditions On our ride to Kenosha we had good weather, but when we left Kenosha for Beloit the weather turned down right nasty. We did make it to our destination before the... Continue Reading →

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