Little about us

Minnie and I are retired senior citizens, and we bought a new 2015 Harley Davidson Tri Glide Ultra. Owning a Harley Davidson full dress bagger has been a dream of mine for a long time. I did own a motorcycle back in the late 1960’s.  It was a BSA 441 Victor and it was a lot of fun but not too practical for a family on a tight budget. So it was sold to help us buy our first house. So fast forward a few years, okay maybe more than a few years. Minnie and I owned a portable welding business that included some land. At one time that land was worth some money, back before the bubble busted.  We thought we could sell the business and get a nice Country Coach motor home and do some traveling. Well the bubble busted  and I was not getting any younger.  I was feeling the grind of trying to do the portable welding by myself, so I went to work at my church in a temporary position. I went to work for the church full-time when the landscaper died suddenly. While working as a landscaper for the church there was some building  activity out by my property and I had an offer on the property. Long story, the property sold.

What next

My wife had retired from the bank that she had worked for after exactly 41 years to the day. I retired from the church and after cleaning up and selling our business property we made some new plans. Our traveling in a Motor home is not going to happen. We came up with a new idea for our retirement. I thought I could use some of that money to buy me that Harley bagger that I wanted and we could do some traveling. My wife had never been on a motorcycle before. She told me she would not ride on a two-wheeler. I asked if she would ride on a three-wheeler and she said yes.

The Trike

That’s how we came to purchase a 2015 Harley Davidson Tri Glide Ultra. I want to use this blog to share our experiences of having the trike. Both of us are new motorcycle touring, we thought it would  be fun to share ,with family and friends, what we are doing and to document our travels and experiences. The idea is to get tips and advice on how to improve what we are doing from our readers.

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