Likes and Dislikes

I was going to order a different seat, the Road Zeppelin Air Adjustable seat,  for the trike but the price, $939.95 plus installation, was starting to get us over our budget. I wish now that I had. I start getting sore long before my wife does. There is a Road Zeppelin Seat Pad, $129.95, that I can install myself. That may be a good thing or a bad thing. I need to stop more often but sometimes we may want to make a little more time or there is not a good place to stop when I’m getting uncomfortable. I thought about getting one of those air cushions or the sheep skin seat covers. I had some guys tell me that highway pegs help. I put some highway pegs on the trike and it may help some but I still get sore. Not sure what I’m going to do yet.

The Harley plugin headsets  we bought so we could communicate with each other, I felt was a waste. During my research Sena 10 Bluetooth wireless caught my eye. But Harley gave us one headset when we bought the trike and we bought the other because it would be cheaper but they kept cutting in and out. Also I didn’t like being wired to the trike. So I decided to go with the Sena wireless headset. When I looked into getting them they had a new model, the Sena 20 which I really  liked. Each headset can connect to eight devices. The problem is the Harley will not connect to Bluetooth. And the Boom Box is a waste for me. It’s a pain to plan a route on the computer and then import into the Boom Box. And the map and navigator on The Boom Box don’t work that well for me. I would rather use my cell phone to do everything that the Boom Box is supposed to do and I already know how to use it. I really like the Sena 20. We still have some things to learn, but I think it’s way better than what Harley is offering.


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