2018 Summer Ride, Day 92, Aug 6, Mon

Planned destination

Elyria OH

Planned Stops

We had two stops planned for today. Presque Isle, and Carlton Harley-Davidson.

Ride Conditions

Today was a good riding day, we had clear skies most of the day. The back roads that we took weren’t crowded and the farm country was nice to see.


Presque Isle

Minnie wanted to visit Presque Isle, which is a park on a peninsula creating a bay on one side and Lake Erie on the other side. There is a lighthouse on the Lake Erie side, that we stopped at for Minnie to take some pictures of. There are some nice sandy beaches on the Lake Erie side.

The Feature Pictures was taken by Minnie on Presque Isle.

Pictures of the bay side

Pictures of the Lake Erie side

Lighthouse picture

Carlton Harley-Davidson

This is the dealership we have looked for, for a long time. Getting a poker chip from this dealership completed our goal. Our goal that we set, after buying our trike, was to get a poker chip from one HD dealer in each state of the 48 continental United States and one from all the Canadian Provinces that touch the United States.

Goal Completed

It took us three years and 63,559 miles to complete our goal,  riding in each of the 48 continental states and in each of the Canadian Provinces that touch the United States. Carlton Harley-Davidson is a small dealership in Mantua, Ohio. It was open on a Monday and met our needs so we stopped there, to get our last poker chip.

The pictures show the dealership and Minnie buying her last poker chip. It was a fun time traveling and seeing this great country of ours.

Dealership pics

Misc. Ride Pics

Where We stopped for the Night

We stopped at my Nephew’s house, in Elyria, Ohio. We were able to visit one of his brothers in Tennessee, so we have been able to see two of my sisters boys. Had a great visit with Mike, got to check out his new house and meet his son, Ryan, before he took us out for dinner. Ryan already ate so he didn’t go.  Lisa joined us at Texas Steak House so, we got to meet her.

Route and mileage

Today’s Miles 184, Trip Mileage Totals 13752, Daily Average 149

Today’s Map

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