2018 Summer Ride, Day 91, Aug 5, Sun

Planned destination

We want to get as far as Erie, PA so we have a short ride into Cleveland area to visit a nephew.

Planned Stops

No planned stops for today

Ride Conditions

Great riding today. We started out riding in fog but after about 30 minutes of riding the fog burned off and we were in mostly clear skies the rest of the day.


Kinzua Bridge

We didn’t have any planned stops, but as we were fueling up a local started talking to us and asked if we were going to see the Kinzua Bridge. We said we didn’t know anything about it. He told us it wasn’t too far away and we should check it out. We got directions and headed out, all we knew was it was a train bridge that had collapsed.

When we got there, we were surprised at how many cars and motorcycles were in the parking lot. It is quit a sight to see. Minnie had a little trouble walking out to the end of the bridge because of her fear of heights. But like a real trooper that she is she did walk all the way to the end. She didn’t crawl either, she walked, all be it slowly. However, she didn’t look down over the edge and she didn’t walk on the train tracks, which you can see down through.

Kinzua Bridge Pics

Austin, PA

We were forced to take a detour from the highway 6, that took us about an hour out of our way. It was a nice scenic ride, we didn’t mind, but as we got near the town of Austin, I noticed a damaged dam. Didn’t see any signs about a park or memorial, I just wondered what had happened and when. I asked the local at the gas station about it and he told me a little. According to him there is a road to get there but it was a rough cobble stone road. It was too far behind us to try to go back to see it. I did look up some information on the dam and I’m including some of what I found out about the dam. there is a Austin Dam Memorial Park.

Cobble Stone Roads

I mentioned cobble stone road at the dam, but that’s not the only place they have them. Minnie pointed out what looked like cobble stone roads along the highway in front of some homes. Don’t know why they would do that but they looked like cobble stone roads.

The Ride

We planned on riding the 6 highway across Pennsylvania to almost Erie, PA. Except for the detour that’s what we did, and we weren’t disappointed at all. Great scenery along the way, saw a lot of bikers, sun was out, shirtsleeve riding weather.

The small towns slow you down some. Their speed limit is as slow as 25 mph, but not for very long because the towns are so small.

Allegheny National Forest

We did ride through part of the Allegheny National Forest today.

Misc. Ride Pics

Where We stopped for the Night

Erie, PA Best Western Great motel. Used points so we stayed for free, otherwise a little pricey, but well worth it.

Route and mileage

Today’s Miles 270, Trip Mileage Totals 13568, Daily Average 149

Today’s Map


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