2018 Summer Ride, Day 88, Aug 2, Tur

Planned Ride

We are headed to Niagara Falls Toronto, Canada, to see Horseshoe Falls for Minnie. And then head back towards Horseheads, NY for our family reunion on Saturday.

Planned Stops

Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls, Canada’s side.

Ride Conditions

It rained last night, and it was still overcast when we started our ride. By noon the sun stated shining and it warmed up into the low 80’s.

The Ride

I thought this was a disappointing day of riding. Partly because of the weather in the morning, and then the hassle to see the Falls once we got there.

It had rained the night before, but it looked like the skies were going to clear up for us. Not far down the road it was threatening rain. That’s why Minnie didn’t get many pictures at the start of our ride. We rode through some nice farm country and would have been nice to have gotten some pictures of it. Landscape pictures don’t turn out well unless the sun is shining.

When we got to Niagara, NY, the route our GPS took us on, the roads there were in rough shape, and it took us into some weird neighborhoods. When we did get onto the Rainbow International Bridge, the line was so long, it took us a while to get through. There were so much traffic and people, I was freaking out.

To park close to the falls would cost $25.00, we didn’t want to pay that, just to be able to take a few pictures of the falls. And the crowds were terrible, for me. So, we didn’t stop I just drove Minnie around and then back across the border. Minnie wasn’t very happy with me.

We have been to Niagara Falls before, it’s been awhile back, I don’t remember it being this crowded.

Where We stopped for the Night

Canandaigua, NY Super 8 Motel, not the best Super 8, but it will do, price is right and we needed to stop. After working on the blog, I looked out the window and it had rained. Good thing we stopped when we did.

Route and mileage

Today’s Miles 245, Trip Mileage Totals 13140, Daily Average 149

Today’s Map      https://goo.gl/maps/wvSBfEAgSqN2

Misc. Road Pics

Minnie’s House Pics

Fall Pics


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