2018 Summer Ride, Day 52, June 27, Wed

Planned destination

Washington, DC

Planned Stops

Our plan is to ride to the metro station in Alexandria, VA and ride it into Washington, DC. Once in DC we will buy a pass on one of the hop on and off tour buses. We plan on doing a complete route, to see the sights. After making a complete circuit, we will know where we want to get off and spend more time.

Ride Conditions

Today was threatening rain when we started our, we did get rained on the DC tour bus, but not on the trike.


We did not go into any buildings.

I did not want to go into any of the buildings because the lines were long and it was crowded. I was more interested in seeing the monuments and memorials. We only have so much time to spend in DC.


Minnie and I haven’t had too much with riding on any metro system on our own. We have used metro systems with others that had experience and knew what they were doing. Minnie had a few sleepless nights worrying about getting the tickets and paying the right amount.

Going wasn’t much of a problem. We were catching it at the end of the line and the morning rush had already taken place. Coming back was a little more of a challenge, it was rush hour and it was crowded for a while, but we made it.

Bus tour

We thought that the buses would be driving in a lope, and you can get on and off where ever you wanted. Technically that is true, but we found out that the tour starts and ends at Union Station. You can get on the bus anywhere on the loop, you can buy your ticket from the bus driver, but when you get to Union Station the bus you are on may not continue. In which case you have to get off that bus and get on another bus. The problem of getting off the bus you are on and getting on a different bus, is it might be full. Which was what we experienced.

Misc pics Minnie took from the tour bus. Notice the water on the glass of the tour bus and see people wearing ponchos. We did get rained on and we did get wet even with the ponchos. You need to be on the top of the bus to see much of anything.

Look at the picture of the tour bus driver getting pass the cement truck, it was a close fit.

Union station

The up side of us having to get off the bus at Union Station, they have a huge food court in the basement, and  it was close to lunch time, so we got something to eat. We ate at Kelly’s Cajun Grill . Lots of different types of food to choose from.


These are the memorials that we visited. Some had more walking to see than others, and some were more crowded than others.

Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

World War II Memorial

Korean Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Where We stopped for the Night

Same Best Western in Alexandria, VA. we stayed in last night.

Route and mileage

I didn’t keep track of mileage today, it was only about six miles to the metro station.



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