2018 Summer Ride, Day 45, June 20, Wed

Planned destination

Our plan is to make some stops on our way to Ashland, VA, where we will spend the night, so we can go to the Harley Dealership to get the oil changed in the trike.

Planned Stops

Stonewall Jackson’s House, in Lexington, VA, Virginal Military Institute (VMI), Lexington, VA and Appomattox Court House, VA

Ride Conditions

We had a heavy rain yesterday afternoon and the sun is shining but there are clouds that look like rain clouds scattered around. We did get rained on while we were at Appomattox. I got wet because I had to go to and cover the luggage on the trike.


Stonewall Jackson

There is a price to take the tour, but the price was well worth it. Our guide was very knowledgable and informative. I do recommend this tour. Finding a place to park could be a problem, it wasn’t a problem for us, because we got there early. There is public parking close by.

VMI Museum

Our next stop was at the VMI Museum, and there parking was a problem. We were there during summer session and we parked in a restricted area and we got by with it.

The museum appears to be housed in the two basement floors of a church. One floor has historical stuff about the school, and the other floor has an extensive collection of guns. There are some very interesting guns in the collection. I would recommend this museum to visit, it might be hard to find a place to park. The staff at the museum can’t get parking close to the museum.

VMI Museum Pics

Gun Collection Pics

Appomattox Court House

Appomattox Court House is where Robert E Lee surrendered, but not at the court-house. He surrendered at McLean House not the court-house. The welcome center is at the court-house and a ranger explained to us that sometime people come up and take a picture of the court-house and then leave, thinking they got a picture of where the surrender took place. The village is named Appomattox Court House and it has a court-house, a little confusing.

We were listening to an interpreter talking about the area when some storm clouds started rolling in. I had to leave and cover our luggage on the trike and get our rain gear. It started raining, and I did get a little wet, before getting to the trike, by the time I got back the rain was almost over.

There are a few buildings that are available to go thru, the court-house, a tavern and the McLean House. They have a video about the area and they have people walking around in period clothes who give talks and they talk like and only about the period they are in, which is interesting because they interact with the group.

I would recommend this historical stop.

Appomattox Court House pics

McLean House pics

Where We stopped for the Night

We stopped at the Ashland, VA DaysInn. This is  a typical DaysInn motel, an OK place. It was cheap and close to the Harley dealership, it had a small breakfast area, I guess because they didn’t offer much for breakfast.

Route and mileage

Today’s Miles 197, Trip Mileage Totals 7120, Daily Average 158

Today’s Map



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