2018 Summer Ride, Day 123, Sep 6, Thr

Planned destination

Chinle, AZ

Planned Stops

Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site

Ride Conditions

It was 53 degrees when we got up this morning. We were riding in the mid 60’s to low 70’s. We had storm clouds all around us most of the day.

The Ride

Today was all interstate riding until we got to Gallup, New Mexico. On the interstate we keep thinking we were going to get rained on. We thought we were riding clear of the rain threats, after riding past Albuquerque. The dark clouds were around the mountains that are close to Albuquerque.

We did get some rain after Gallup. Between Gallup and Window Rock we got wet. Going through Window Rock was a little bit of a challenge, because of the Navajo Fair that was going on.


The one stop we made was at the Hubbell Trading Post.

Hubbell Trading Post

Hubbell Trading Post is the oldest operating trading post on the Navajo Nation. The weather had cleared up by the time we got to the trading post, so we had a good visit. There is a guided tour of the Hubbell home, that was very interesting.

Hubbell Home

Our guide, to the Hubbell, was a Navajo park ranger. He was very interesting giving us the tour. He did mention that they were short-staffed, so it seemed that he was rushing the tour a bit. That was until we were getting ready to leave and Minnie asked about some sketches that were hanging on the walls. That’s when the guide said, “so you want to know about the sketches”. That’s when he seemed to want to explain more about the sketches.

The Sketches

Sketches were done by E.A. Burbank.

He talked how Burbank spent several months over a fifteen year period at the Hubbell home. Burbank sketched and painted more than 1200 portraits of Native Americans from 125 tribes. Our guide said Burbank spent a lot of time at the Hubbell home. He said “look at my name tag”. His last name was Burbank. He has an uncle and an aunt that have blue eyes. That he says is unusual for a Navajo to have blue eyes. Mister Burbank may have left more behind then just painting and sketches. Our guide definitely wanted to talk about Mr. Burbank.

Dinner and Breakfast

This Best Western does not have free breakfast but the Junction Restaurant was there. We did eat there for dinner and breakfast. The food was good, and the portions are big. In fact, the portions were more than Minnie and I could eat.

Where We stopped for the Night

Chinle, AZ Best Western

Route and mileage

Today’s Miles 402, Trip Mileage Totals 17143, Daily Average 139

Today’s Map 


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