2018 Summer Ride, Day 122, Sep 5, Wed

Planned destination

Tucumcari, NM

Planned Stops

No Planned stops for today. We are trying to get to Northern Arizona as soon as we can, so we can visit some of the National parks. Our HOG chapter has a challenge to see how many of the National Parks, National Monuments and National Memorials you can visit in a year. We have done some of the Southern Parks, now we need to see how many of the Northern Parks we can visit, before we have to be home.

Day 121 Sep 4, Tue

We didn’t take the trike anywhere on day 121. Tuesday was a visiting day with family. We had a great time visiting and catching up on family matters. Billie and Leon picked us up and took us to their house and out to dinner before taking us back to our motel. It was a good thing that they did that because it rained off and on most of the day. It was a quick visit, but we like to stop by if we are in the area. Thanks Billie and Leon for the hospitality.

Day 122 Sep 5, Wed

Ride Conditions

It looked like rain in the direction we were heading, West. And we were right. Leaving Oklahoma City, we were riding in rain for about an hour. Thought we were through with rain, we were  drying off with the sun shinning. Clouds started building again and we were in another rain shower. We weren’t in this shower as long but it was a heavier rain shower than earlier.

Amarillo, TX

Riding through Amarillo, TX was not fun. I-40 through the town was being repaired. I’m sure it will be a great road when they get it done, but we had some issues getting through Amarillo today.


Where We stopped for the Night

Best Western, Tucumcari, NM

Welcoming committee at the motel, this was a first. Best Western is just finishing remodeling this motel. They are doing a good job with it. Wi-fi was great and the breakfast was superb. Great selection and since this is New Mexico, they had green chili for breakfast.


Tucumcari, NM

I thought I had spent the night in Tucumcari before, but I can’t remember when. It might have been when Minnie and I were first married. I don’t remember the town being so rundown.

I needed to get some fuel, so I got off at the first exit coming into town. That was a mistake I made. We rode all the way through town and only saw one small Circle K gas station and a few small motels. This is on old route 66.I had to back track into town to try to find a gas station. We noticed, looking South down first street a gas station sign in the distance. That is where all the new stuff is in town. That’s exit 332 on I-40. It’s a shame that there is no reason to go into town and get a chance to ride on route 66.

We were able to fuel the trike up and decided to see about getting a room for the night, at the Best Western. That was a good choice, because we were able to get a newly remodeled room for the night. And Minnie was able to use up some of her points.

If you are headed to Tucumcari, NM the exit 332 is a good exit for fuel food and lodging.

Route and mileage

Today’s Miles 415, Trip Mileage Totals 16741, Daily Average 137

Today’s Map


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