2018 Summer Ride, Day 120, Sep 3, Mon

Planned Destination

Shawnee, OK

Planned Stops

We had no planned stops for today, but as we were coming to Pawhuska, OK, Minnie said that we needed to check out something here. My cousin had mentioned a place called the Pioneer Women Mercantile.

Ride Conditions

We had a light rain during the night, so I needed to wipe the trike off. There were some clouds but nothing threatening. We started out with only our sweatshirts on to start, but after an hour we removed them.


We did make one stop. As mentioned above, Minnie wanted to check out the Pioneer Woman Mercantile, in Pawhuska, OK, which is a small town. It is an interesting and busy small town. The line to get into the Pioneer Women Mercantile looked like the premiere opening of a movie. We didn’t stay, you need  more time for this place. I’m not sure what all they do here, but it is a popular place.

The Ride

Tropical storm Gordon, in the Gulf of Mexico, is causing our weather problems. We have been dodging rain clouds all day, more as the day goes on. I was hoping to get to the motel before getting wet. Did put our rain gear on for a short time when we were at a little town called Hominy, OK. We got a light sprinkling before the rain moved to our right, and we were getting hot with our rain gear on.

We traveled from farm country to cattle and oil country today. The odometer turned 66,000 miles on the trike today. We are getting a lot of miles on the trike and it still runs good.

Almost got to Shawnee, OK before getting wet. We ran into some dark clouds, about 20 miles from our destination, before we decided to put our rain gear back on. Then we really rode in some rain until we got to the motel.

Rain Gear

Minnie and I have both decided we will be looking at other options for rain gear. Our rain gear is just not doing the job for us. That job is to keep us dry. By the time we got to the motel our gear was leaking and we were getting wet.

Our Visit

After getting to our room we called my cousin Billie, and she and her husband Leon came and took us to dinner. We came back and visited in the lobby for a while. We will be going over to their place tomorrow for a longer visit.

Where We stopped for the Night

Shawnee, OK Comfort Inn and Suites

Route and mileage

Today’s Miles 310, Trip Mileage Totals 16326, Daily Average 136

Today’s Map



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