2018 Summer Ride, Day 119, Sep 2, Sun

Planned Destination

Ottawa, KS

Planned Stops

We had no planned stops for today.

Ride Conditions

Starting out today we had great conditions, especially after have 4” of rain last night. We started off with only our sweatshirts, which means it wasn’t too cold for us. The sun was shinning at 9am and we could see the dark clouds from last night to the East of us. At about 11am we were heading due West where we got a light sprinkling of rain before the road turned to the South and we were able to ride out of the rain.

The Rains

There have been a lot of rain in the areas that we have been in lately that have caused flooding. Today was no exception, we saw flooded fields, and streams that looked full. We have not been riding the country roads like we would like, because of the chance of being detoured, because of road closures. But there is still plenty of beautiful scenery to see.


We have no plans to stop for sightseeing. Going to Oklahoma to visit with my cousin in Meeker, OK before heading back to Arizona. We do plan on stopping at a few National parks before getting home. Our HOG chapter has a contest to see who can visit the most National parks and memorials in Arizona. So, if we go by any we are going to stop and record our stop.

Where We stopped for the Night

Ottawa, NS Sure Stay, part of Best Western. The Wi-fi here was good, it did everything I wanted it to do, but sometimes a little slow. It is one of the old style Motels, one floor and you can park in front of your room. Gas station next to the motel, lots of places to eat within walking distance.

Route and mileage

Today’s Miles 300, Trip Mileage Totals 16016, Daily Average 134

Today’s Map


MIsc. Road Pics.


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