2018 Summer Ride, Day 118, Sep 1, Sat

Planned Destination

Newton, IA

Planned Stops

Clary Campout.

Ride Conditions

Leaving Spears B&B this morning there was a slight drizzle of rain. By the time we got to the campout the rain had stopped. Rain picked up again after leaving the campout. We had no rain after going through Dubuque, IA.


Clary Campout

The Clarys met at a restaurant for a fish fry last night, where a lot of the Clarys attended and we were invited, and Minnie was able to say some good-byes there. But she wanted to stop by the campout and say good-bye to those that weren’t able to attend the fish fry.

Fuel Stops

The only other stops we had were three fuel stops, but Minnie did get some nice pictures of our ride. I set up two photo galleries, one for farm pics and one for Misc. pics.

Where We stopped for the Night

Best Western Motel in Newton, IA. Wi-fi is working well and the room is clean. It looks like they just remodeled, electrical outlets are sparse. We had some very heavy rain after returning to the motel after getting something to eat. we listened to the rain for most of the night. This area got 4 inches of rain during the night

Route and Mileage

Today’s Miles 280, Trip Mileage Totals 15716, Daily Average 133

Today’s Map


Misc. Ride Pics

Farm Pics

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