2018 Summer Ride Break from riding

We took a break from riding for about 19 days because Minnie’s mother, age 93, fell and broke her hip. Minnie’s brother brought their mom to Wisconsin to visit this summer and while visiting a niece in Portage, WI she fell and broke her hip and needed surgery. Minnie helped her brother Bert take care of her in the hospital and in rehab. Bert stayed in Portage, staying with his cousin, taking care of his mother’s needs. We are staying about fifty miles away and are helping Bert in what ever way we can. The weather here has not been very helpful to us. There has been rain, flooding and tornado warnings, none of which has been good for riding a motorcycle.

Our host at the Spears B&B have been very helpful, letting us borrow their truck from time to time.

Minnie’s mother has been in rehab a  two weeks now and she has done very well. She has walked more each day and the pain is manageable. Bert is going to stay with her, until she is able to ride in a car, then he will drive her back to Arizona. Minnie and I will be heading back to Arizona, on Sep 1. We have altered our riding plan, but we still plan on making a few stops before we have to be back home, before the 13th of Sep.

I will restart our blog, triglideseniors.com, when we start riding again.


















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