2017 Summer Second Ride, Day 72, Sep 19, Tue

Planned Route

Hawthorne, NV * Henderson, NV

Planned Stops

Henderson Harley Davidson

Ride Conditions

Started out with the temps high 50s ended the ride with temps in the high 80s. We had wind to start but it wasn’t as strong as yesterday. So, it wasn’t much of a factor during the ride.

Hawthorne Ordinance Museum

We stopped to get some pictures of some ordinances on display in front of the Hawthorne Ordinance Museum. They have a lot of different types of ordinances, torpedoes, water mines. It was closed, so we couldn’t go into the museum. Looks like an interesting place to visit.

Army Depot

We didn’t get any pictures, riding in, to show the scope of the depot, but we did get some as we left. It’s hard to get an idea of how much land is needed. Some of the buildings stand out but there are dirt bunkers that are harder to spot. Minnie got some pictures of the buildings and bunkers. This place is huge.

The Ride

The next couple of days we will be riding in high desert country. All you see is desert for mile after mile. But there are things that can break up the boredom. There are small towns that you come across and makes you wonder, why in the world is this place here, what do they do here. Some are old gold mining towns. And we did see a few of those. Tonopah and Goldfield are a couple that come to mind.

Road Stop

We had one construction road stop that held us up for a bit. Roads have been in good condition, until we came across this section that they are repairing.

Air Quality

We had clear skies until we got to the bottom part of the state. It looked like smoke might be coming from California fires. It cleared up a little by the time we got to Las Vegas.

Where We stopped for the Night

Best Western Plus is where we will be spending our last night on the road, for our 2017 Summer Second Ride. It’s a very nice motel, not far from a casino. We had a prime rib special for dinner.

Route and mileage

Today’s Miles 332, Trip Mileage Totals 12692, Daily Average 176

Today’s Map

Museum Pics

Camp Depot  Pics

Day’s Ride Pics

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