2017 Summer Second Ride, Day 70, Sep 17, Sun

Planned route

Crescent City, CA * Redding, CA

Planned Stops

One planned stop at the Redlands Harley-Davidson Dealership in Eureka, Ca.

Ride Conditions

We are in sunny California and the sun is shining. Temp is in the 50’s as we leave the motel. We have some concerns about the route we want to take. We plan on stopping for the night in Redding, CA. And we want to use the 299 north of Eureka to get there. There is at least one forest fire that we think is close to our route.

Today’s Ride

After leaving the motel we drove across the street, to the marina, to check out the seals we have heard. After taking some pics in the marina we are headed south. Our route will take us thru Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park. We are still plagued with road construction reduced to a single lane. Those trees are big in this forest.

Along the way we have passed several wood carving shops and stores. Some of the carvings are scenes carved from a tree trunk. I had seen carvings of bears, faces which are 2D. Saw some that were 3D. Front of a fire station I saw, a carving of a figure climbing a ladder and it was in 3D. I wish I had stopped and taken a picture of it. The point being the trunks are so big the carver has lots of room to make their carving. We did get a couple of pictures of some neat carvings.


The ride down to Eureka was uneventful. Except for the traffic jam caused by the car that was wrecked and sitting on its roof. And passing the sign that said traffic on the 299 might be delayed for up to 45 minutes because of the Helena fire.

After leaving Eureka and getting on the 299 we did run into some fog for a short distance. The 299 is very hilly and curvy, it was a lot of fun to ride it.


Trees closer to the coast are a lot greener than they are a little further East. We could see some smoke in the air but it wasn’t that bad. As we are riding we see a helicopter, the kind used to fight fires, in the sky above us. We are riding next to a river. Next thing we know the chopper is coming down to the river to get water. Minnie got a couple of pics of it.

After getting to see the chopper we run into a construction site with lane reduction. People were standing outside of their cars so, this might be what the sign on the 101 was referring to.  Lucky for us, right after we stopped the traffic from the other side started coming. We didn’t have to wait long. There were two place that were being repaired. Sadly, this is where part of the Helena fire came thru. Minnie took a few pics of what we saw. The fire was still active but had already passed thru here and done its damage. Feel sorry for the people affected.

We stopped at Whisky Town Lake Information Center for a break. Minnie took some pictures of the lake and you can see the smoke in the pictures of where we were.

Where We stopped for the Night

Comfort Inn Suites in Redding. Room is a great suite, lots of room. There are plenty of places to charges devices. Great place, close to places to eat and gas stations with stores. Internet is spotty. We had problems getting connected and it was slow to start. Internet speed seemed to pick up later.

Yes I would recommend the Comfort Inn in Redding, CA.

Route and mileage

Today’s Miles 234, Trip Mileage Totals 12019, Daily Average 171

Today’s Map


We have four picture galleries for today

Leaving Crescent City


Before the fire

 The fire

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