2017 Summer Second Ride, Day 69, Sep 16, Sat

Planned route

Florence, OR * Crescent City, CA

Planned Stops

No planned stops for today.

Ride Conditions        

Like all the other west coast mornings, cold to start. Minnie has used her heated liner for most of the days that we have been on the west coast. It starts out in the low 50’s and we are lucky to break out of the 60’s.

Today’s Ride

Just a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway. There are places that you can see the water and places where the water is blocked by trees or sand dunes. We are riding in and out of fog all day. Sky was overcast when we weren’t in the fog. So, no sun shine for us.

We ran into a lot of road construction, that restricted the road to one lane. The highway has several places that have been repaired, some good repairs and some not so good repairs.

It was a gloomy day, almost like winter. I would have enjoyed the ride more if the sun was shining. But if it wasn’t for the fog there is still the problem of the smoke, that is in the air.

Where We stopped for the Night

Days Inn at Crescent City, CA. This is an older motel that has not made any effort to bring things up to date. The heat is a base board electric heater. That takes a long time to heat the room. I noticed that there is not an air conditioner for the room. We were cold. So, heat was all that we needed. And maybe air conditioners aren’t needed in Crescent City, CA.

Breakfast was meager, but we did find something to eat. The internet service was great. I was very pleased with it.

Route and mileage

Today’s Miles 185, Trip Mileage Totals 11785, Daily Average 170

Today’s Map  




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