2017 Summer Second Ride, Day 67, Sep 14, Thr

Planned route

Long Beach, WA * Mount St.Helens, WA * Portland, OR

Planned Stops

Our ride is to take us along the Colombia River, northern side, to Mount St. Helens. Then we need to get Minnie’s poker chip at the Harley dealership in Portland, OR. Visit with a longtime friend and the get a room for the night.

Ride Conditions

Cold morning again, skies were clear and sun shining.  

Today’s Ride

Car club

We had to back track a few miles to get back on highway 101. Then we took highway 4 to Castle Rock. That road is a good road but narrow and windy. It has double yellow, no passing, for a good section of it. And, as luck would have it, we ended up behind an antique car club out for a ride. Sometimes they were going the speed limit and other times they weren’t. Minnie got a couple of pics showing the cars.

Ride to Mount St. Helens

After getting around the antique cars the ride was uneventful. Scenery was pleasant viewing, but the further east we went we started to see haze from the Colombia Gorge fire.

Our route took us to Castle Rock where we got on the 504 headed to Johnston Ridge Observatory. Minnie wanted to stop at the Mount St. Helens Visitor Center. So, we pull into the parking lot and into a parking space with several people and a ranger standing there. Come to find out there was a smash and grab to three of the vehicles in the lot. Smash and grab is when someone breaks a window to grab something out of the vehicle. In this case it was back packs.

When we planned our ride to go to see Mount St. Helens, we didn’t realize the observatory was 56 miles off I-5. We couldn’t spend much time there because of time restraints. I was disappointed with the haze from the Columbia Gorge fire. It was keeping us from getting a good view. It is impressive what happened there. The friend we are going to visit was living here when it happened.

It’s definitely worth seeing, just don’t make the mistake we did of not planning enough time to visit.

Portland Harley-Davidson

We were speaking to a couple at the motel that ride Harleys and we told them about our ride plan. They live west of Portland and they said, “Portland traffic is the worst”. I am here to tell you they are right. The dealership is DOWNTOWN. It was a nightmare, and all for a poker chip, but she got it. So, from misjudging the time to get to the Johnston Ridge Observatory and getting stuck in standstill traffic, we are running a little late.

Our visit with a friend

We were able to meet up with Pam, go and grab something to eat, and visit for a while before heading to our motel.

Where We stopped for the Night

Comfort Inn Sites in Portland, OR, by the airport. We have stayed a few places in Portland and most have been near the airport. I think the Comfort Inn was one of the better ones.

Route and mileage

Today’s Miles 257, Trip Mileage Totals 11316, Daily Average 169

Today’s Map


First half ride pics to Castle Rock. The first half pics have fog in them not smoke.

Second half ride pics are pics taken on the 504 going and coming from Mount St.Helens

These are pics going into Portland.

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