2017 Summer Second Ride, Day 66, Sep 13, Wed

Planned route

Port Angeles, WA * Long Beach, WA

Planned Stops

No planned stops, just ride down Pacific Coast Highway 101

Ride Conditions

Weather was 50 degrees to start and it was cold all day. The highest I saw, on the information center on the trike, was 69 degrees. Air was clear and cold. Sun was shining all day.

About the ride

Our plan was to ride the 101-coast highway down to California, with a detour to visit a friend in Portland, OR. That was the plan.

We found out that highway 101 is closed for repairs and we needed to take a detour. The detour, as it turned out was a nice ride. We were close to the ocean; the road was good and the views were great.

Roads are narrow and twisty and a lot of logging trucks on them, which makes for some heads up riding.

General Store

We stopped for fuel at a small general store in Joyce. Minnie went in to pay, can’t pay at the pump, she came back and said I needed to come in and look. It’s one of the old style general stores, it’s loaded with a lot of cool stuff. Minnie got some pictures of the inside. It has a post office in it that is open part-time. These are the kinds of places you miss on the interstate. They don’t look like much until you go inside. But they are hard to spot, we just stumble onto them from time to time.

Deer in the Road

Riding along we come across what looks like a family of deer. Two big deer and a little deer. When we come on them, little deer is standing in the middle of the road, I had to stop. It looked like the big deer were telling the little deer, look before you cross. Then one of the big deer gets mad and turned its butt to the little deer in disgust, I think. Then little deer walks across off the road and we continued on our way.

Thoughts about the ride

Today’s ride was cold for us. I’m not sure, but I imagine, the peninsula is cooler because it’s almost surrounded by water. It was an enjoyable and scenic ride, but trying because of all the turns and twists. Because of the curves the speed you ride were down taking longer to get the where you want to go. But a great day of riding Minnie and I both enjoyed today.

Where We stopped for the Night

At the Best Western in Long Beach, WA. Very nice motel, with great internet connections.

Route and mileage

Today’s Miles 275, Trip Mileage Totals 11059, Daily Average 176

Today’s Map  


Morning Pics

Afternoon Pics

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