2017 Summer Second Ride, Day 63, Sep 10, Sun

Planned route

Cranbrook, A.B. * Kootenay Bay, A.B. * Nelson, A.B. * Osoyoos, A.B.

Planned Stops

We had no planned stops for today

Ride Conditions

Cool weather to start the ride, warmed up in the afternoon. There was not as much smoke in the air. The people that we shared the B&B with said that was rain before getting to the B&B. That might had cleared some of the smoke out. We did pass a couple of fires and as the day went on the air was getting smokier. We were in and out of smoke.

Kootenay Bay

Our hostess asked about our travels. We mentioned we were going to take the 3 towards Abbotsford, A.B., that’s where we plan on heading south. She suggested we take the 3A to Nelson. She claimed that it was a nice scenic route, and the 3A would reconnect with the 3.

We took her advice and she was right, it was a very scenic ride. We did have to take a ferry-boat ride at Kootenay Bay. It’s free to take the ferry and the water was calm, so, it didn’t bother Minnie with her motion sickness.

We are glad we took the detour. For that part of the ride the air was clear. You can see in Minnie’s pictures when we hit smoky areas.

Nelson, A.B.

We stopped to eat a Dairy Queen in Nelson and it was busy. Their $6 meal was great. Burger, fries, drink, and a sundae. We also took some riding gear off while we were stopped.

The Ride

Today was a great riding day. The Canadian Rockies are spectacular. The air was the clearest it has been for us the last few days. Traffic was not a problem, except one time we had to wait at a lane closure. We rode over three mountain summits. Temperature was comfortable in the valley and as we started climbing, into cooler air at the summit, we were getting cold. Each time we were thinking about putting on a jacket before we reached the summit.

Mountain Roads

Mountain roads that we were on today are steep and curvy. And when the sign says, “slow down”, it means slow down. I was not able to see the beauty of the mountains as much as I would have liked to, because I was having to keep looking at the road. Riding the mountains roads was a lot of fun though.

We stopped for the night at the Best Western in Osoyoos, A.B

It was laundry day and we have had good luck with Best Westerns before. Minnie booked us a room there, not knowing that there was a wine club staying there also. As we were going back down to the lobby with the luggage cart, the lobby was full of people with cases and cases of wine.

We got our room at right time. The  room was a suite, very nice and Minnie was able to get the laundry done for us.

Route and mileage

Today’s Miles 310, Trip Mileage Totals 10269, Daily Average 163

Today’s Map 


Before the Ferry
On the Ferry
After the Ferry


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