2018 Summer Ride, Day 120, Sep 3, Mon

Planned Destination Shawnee, OK Planned Stops We had no planned stops for today, but as we were coming to Pawhuska, OK, Minnie said that we needed to check out something here. My cousin had mentioned a place called the Pioneer Women Mercantile. Ride Conditions We had a light rain during the night, so I needed... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 89, Aug 3, Fri

Planned destination Sayre, PA Planned Stops Jump and Margret Rice house, to pick up my item, and visit before the big Rice cousin reunion tomorrow. Ride Conditions It was another rainy day, not a hard rain, just light sprinkles all day long. The roads were in great shape. The Ride Except for the light rain,... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 63, July 8, Sun

Planned destination West Yarmouth, MA Planned Stops Newport, RI Ride Conditions Today’s weather was ideal for a ride on a motorcycle. Stops            Newport, RI We stopped at Newport, RI to look at some historic homes of the rich. We weren’t planning on taking any tours. The tours cost, and they aren’t cheap. We just rode... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 53, June 28, Thr

Planned destination Arlington National Cemetery We decided to take the trike to Arlington National Cemetery instead of the metro and I’m glad we did. The road we took was not crowded, it took us along the Potomac River and through Alexandra, VA Planned Stops Arlington National Cemetery is our only planned stop, because of the... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 52, June 27, Wed

Planned destination Washington, DC Planned Stops Our plan is to ride to the metro station in Alexandria, VA and ride it into Washington, DC. Once in DC we will buy a pass on one of the hop on and off tour buses. We plan on doing a complete route, to see the sights. After making... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 51, June 26, Tue

Planned destination Alexandria, VA Planned Stops We had no planned stops for today, but unexpectedly, we passed the National Museum of the Marine Corps. So, we had to stop and check it out. Ride Conditions It was looking like rain most of the day, we did get some sprinkles when we left the Marine Corps... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 50, June 25, Mon

Planned Stops Colonial Williamsburg Ride Conditions We didn’t do much riding today; Colonial Williamsburg is only a few miles from the hotel. Today was a sunny day it got a little warm in the afternoon. Colonial Williamsburg   Colonial Williamsburg is a living-history museum and private foundation presenting part of a historic district in the city... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 49, June 24, Sun

Planned destination Williamsburg, VA     Planned Stops Jamestown and Yorktown, Virginia Ride Conditions They are having a heat wave here. Temps are getting into the 90’s, the humidity is up. As long as we are moving it's hot, but better than sitting at the long lights they seem to have around here. Stops Jamestown, VA Jamestown... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 48, June 23, Sat

Today's Game Plan Danny is off work and he has volunteered to chauffeur us around today. We are grateful that Danny and Margaret were willing to take the time to show us around. They are obviously very knowledgeable about their town of Richmond, Va., they know the places to see and the places to go.... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer Ride, Day 47, June 22, Fri

Planned destination No planned destination for today. Accommodations Danny and Margaret live in an older section of town, in a house built around 1909. All the houses in their neighborhood are old Southern style homes, very unique, with narrow streets. Morning Danny had to work today, so Minnie was able to get some laundry done... Continue Reading →

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